Media Content and Reality

A show I really enjoy is called Reign and it is set in medieval times with kings and queens and everything below.  It is “sweetened” by adding lots of drama and conflict within the show between family, all the people living in the castle, and the other countries. Someone that is completely removed from reality is the queen because she constantly is doing something awful. She poisons people, kills them and manages to hide their bodies or stage it in a way that it won’t be pinned back on her. There is little to relate to since it isn’t set in our time period but something that is super easy to relate to is not wanting to leave your friends and the main character’s love story.  They film basically everyday of their life but make it very drama filled and also conflict filled to make it interesting to watch. I can see myself in some of the characters because I feel that if I was in that situation I would have done the same thing.

Another show is an action TV show Arrow, which doesn’t normally correlate to reality in any way either. The main character lived on what he thought to be an abandoned island for 5 years because his boat wrecked, but there were actually people on the island. The show follows both his life after he gets off of the island and also the life on the island. The people are in the show are very relateable because they live “true” lives but at night they go and end up killing people.

One thought on “Media Content and Reality

  1. I enjoy watching historical fiction, fantasy fiction, and science fiction. So, I can relate to your comments about Reign. I agree that the characters are what make these seemingly “far-fetched” shows more entertaining and real. While the setting and events may be hard to relate to, the characters and the interpersonal interactions among characters are what make connections to audiences. One suggestion would be to include a sentence or two about the next-step reality concept so your readers know what you’re talking about here. Nice job with the analysis!


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