The Final Day

I can’t believe that this camp is finally coming to an end. At the beginning of the camp I wished for it to go by faster because it felt like like the days dragged on forever, but I promise you once you start establishing a schedule your days here will fly by so make them […]

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Book Banning

When public associations like libraries ban a book from their library it is to protect the children and other age groups from what is within the pages of the book. They are most commonly pro-censorship. When libraries do not ban books or censor certain words from them they are anti-censorship. They are protecting free speech […]

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Day 6- Trip to The Mountains

Yesterday we were able to take a trip up to the Snowy Mountains and take some pictures. There was lots of opportunity to use the creative devices of color, leading lines, framing, and rule of thirds. There was a lot of beautiful scenery no matter where I ventured off to. The Snowy Mountains got me […]

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Media Content and Reality

A show I really enjoy is called Reign and it is set in medieval times with kings and queens and everything below.  It is “sweetened” by adding lots of drama and conflict within the show between family, all the people living in the castle, and the other countries. Someone that is completely removed from reality is the […]

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My Media Diet

When I wake up I normally check my phone and any notifications that I have and check from there. I normally have some text messages that I’ll reply to and also Snapchat and Facebook. Every morning I at least spend 30 minutes to an hour looking through social media immediately after I get up. During […]

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